n. & v.
1 a fixed or movable upright partition for separating, concealing, or sheltering from draughts or excessive heat or light.
2 a thing used as a shelter, esp. from observation.
3 a a measure adopted for concealment. b the protection afforded by this (under the screen of night).
4 a a blank usu. white or silver surface on which a photographic image is projected. b (prec. by the) the cinema industry.
5 the surface of a cathode-ray tube or similar electronic device, esp. of a television, VDU, etc., on which images appear.
6 = sight-screen.
8 a frame with fine wire netting to keep out flies, mosquitoes, etc.
9 Physics a body intercepting light, heat, electric or magnetic induction, etc., in a physical apparatus.
10 Photog. a piece of ground glass in a camera for focusing.
11 a large sieve or riddle, esp. for sorting grain, coal, etc., into sizes.
12 a system of checking for the presence or absence of a disease, ability, attribute, etc.
13 Printing a transparent finely-ruled plate or film used in half-tone reproduction.
14 Mil. a body of troops, ships, etc., detached to warn of the presence of an enemy force.
1 (often foll. by from) a afford shelter to; hide partly or completely. b protect from detection, censure, etc.
2 (foll. by off) shut off or hide behind a screen.
3 a show (a film etc.) on a screen. b broadcast (a television programme).
4 prevent from causing, or protect from, electrical interference.
5 a test (a person or group) for the presence or absence of a disease. b check on (a person) for the presence or absence of a quality, esp. reliability or loyalty.
6 pass (grain, coal, etc.) through a screen.
Phrases and idioms:
screen printing a process like stencilling with ink forced through a prepared sheet of fine material (orig. silk). screen test an audition for a part in a cinema film.
screenable adj. screener n.
Etymology: ME f. ONF escren, escran: cf. OHG skrank barrier

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